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Law, leisure and Learning, (LLL) is a charitable company limited by guarantee, having no share capital. Incorporated on the 14th January 1998, John Holcroft founded the company with a vision. That vision was to help any and everyone that he could regardless of his/her age, colour, religion or creed. Throughout the years, Law Leisure and Learning has helped so many people, families and individuals and in return those that we had helped came back to support LLL.

Serving the community of Handsworth

Based in the Handsworth area of Birmingham, LLL sets itself aside from any other charity or organisation doing the same or similar works, as it is based right in the core of Handsworth. At the time when knife and gun crime were at a high in Handsworth, the young people felt the need for action, and the need for positive change. This is where the seed for our young people’s vision to form the Y.V.P.A grew from.


Our Mission Statement

“To enable all people in our community to help themselves to realise their full potential for a higher quality of life”.


Our Projects

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Our Aims & Objectives

To provide a multi cultural environment for the community where life skills can be taught in a friendly, safe environment

To enable local people to embrace the opportunity to determine the development of their community through education and leisure.

To develop employment opportunities for the community.

To provide community-led courses for individual development